Community News


We have now completed repairs on the Community Shelter and have finalized the installation of power to the Shelter. The service will provide lighting and electrical services for events at the park. The power box will be kept locked to control the usage of power so if anyone is looking to use the park for a function, please contact ??????? to gain access to the power. We will continue to expand available services depending on what the recommendations of the residents are. Ongoing upgrades to the Shelter will also be in the works for 2013. The addition of more lighting and likely more enclosure of the shelter for our beautiful, yet unpredictable, weather.


We now have an area historian!!

Local resident Jean Hollands has agreed to help us compile any items or photographs that could help us get a better feel of our area. We are on the look out for any information and photos on the history of our Priddis Creek area, also known as “Cow Camp”.  We will be including a link in our upcoming website where residents can go to see the “latest” and the “oldest” news!  Anyone interested in contributing photos, stories or local lore to Jean is invited to contact her.

Please email Jean at


After a dusty and noisy summer in the valley, we have reached the end of the gravel mining!!!!! I want to thank all the residents who have suffered through the mining affects. Probably the best part of this mining project is that they “ran out “ of gravel to mine. Over the past number of years the MD has repeatedly planned on the conclusion of the mining process and then found more gravel to mine. This time the actual excavation process confirmed the end of the mining. There will still be trucks in the area, however, as they continue to haul away the remnants of “Mount Priddis” over the next few years.


As you’re all aware; our Post Office Boxes, in particular the West Side entrance boxes, took on some considerable damage. I have been in contact with Canada Post to see about replacing them and now understand what a massive undertaking this actually is.

As ALL the established Alberta rural areas (big and small) use these grand old green boxes, there are just as many requests to have them replaced, but not as many people to do this.

Someday, all the old green mailboxes will be changed over to something, but what kind of replacement boxes have yet to be confirmed, also because of the incredible scope of this project… this could be a very, very long time coming.

Our mailboxes are ugly and a little worse for wear, but still workable at this time- so perhaps we can consider them ‘retro’!!


We are also in the process of designing new mailbox shelters and entrance signage for the Valley. We plan to replace fixtures at both our entrances to something that is more substantial and appealing.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know!


Another year has come and gone in the Valley since the water drainage was put into place and although we did not experience historical rainfalls, we also did not experience any major problems.

We will be continuing to monitor the water from the spring run off in the upcoming months.


As the warmer weather arrives; remember that many of our residents are enjoying the outside to play, walk, ride and cycle. Trees, particularly around the corner bends will soon be bearing leaves obscuring vision.

PLEASE, remember that the speed limit in Priddis Creek Estates is 50 KMH and remember to slow down when approaching everyone; both 2 legged and 4 legged. Thanks!!


GOOD NEWS! The 2013 membership dues and NEW membership fees have been waived due to the generous sponsorship of Legacy oil and Gas!

HCRCWA continues to update it’s members on crime activity in the area. There have been a number of break ins in the Millarville/Priddis area so please be vigilant and aware of any comings and goings that may seem strange; and take note of unfamiliar vehicles in the area.

If you are not already a member, please visit the HCRCWA website for membership information at By becoming a member you will receive timely notices of crime activity and updates via their telephone and/or email networks.


The Annual Grazing lease opportunity for the Community pasture will soon be available for 2013.  Please contact a member of the Committee if you are interested in applying; or if you have any questions.

Application needs to be presented prior to our AGM in June when we will award the lease, or if there are multiple applicants, a draw will be made at the meeting.


The annual lawn maintenance contract for the Community picnic area is also available if anyone is interested.  A big THANKS to Blake Williamson, for his great work in grass cutting last year!

Anyone interested, please let a member of the Committee know prior to our AGM as we will also award this contract; or make the draw at this meeting.


Our pathways seem to have weathered quite nicely to-date because of the addition of the locked gates.

Thanks to all for their continued patience, understanding and future efforts to maintain this area for all to enjoy.


Many of you have noticed the frequent and annoying presence of helicopters in the area. We have been in contact with Springbank Airport and will have information on what Required information is needed to pass on to the Airport authority at the AGM.

As always, if there are matters that are important to you; please do not hesitate to contact us.